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:iconbunbun44: A really nice, caring friend who loves anime
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:iconghoo-ul: ANIME FREK
:iconbluefirewolfstar: nice wolf~
:iconventrex0011: My dwaggy pred~
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Favoreit art piecesssssssss!!!!
Kudos to all artists
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Hero Vs Avenger is by far my favorite boss battle in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja storm 3.  Apart from the last few bits of the "Final Battle".  I decided to record the gameplay and upload it to my drive.  The quality is 720p and it might be a little slow because my computer is a bit slow when it's recording.  

Anyway! Watch the recording here!…


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
function introduction()
Ayyyyoo! Welcome to my page!

My Real Name Is Parker But Please Call Me Parky As That Is my Nickname I have learned to love! My profile picture (not icon) is me!

Not much to say about me to be honest, other than I love cats and wolfies!! You might as well say I'm addicted to the! I love fluffy things and love to pet them! I'm not much of a gamer, but when I game I play mostly on ROBLOX or I play on Steam with the few games that I have. I'm rather shy on the internet which is completely contradictory to what I am like in real life. I don't often start conversations, but when I do they can tend to drag on long passed how long the should be XD

function about()
If you know me well enough you might hear me say some of these lines frequently, "Holy Shiz", "Are you cereal?", "What the fudge?!", "Shut the front door", "Holy Derp", "Oh snapple", "You Dingling!!", "Motherhugger!!"

I'm more of the kind of guy who likes to just relax and listen to music allot. Music is what keeps me sane! I just gotta have it in my life. I'll almost always have my headphones on me no matter where I go. Another thing I like to do with music is sing and dance! Yeh! Break dance boooi :iconbreakdanceplz:
If you wanna get a taste of my music taste, then go here…

function hobbiesandshit()
Anywho into my hobbies and stuff; I'm also a technerd. I know quite allot of things about computers and what makes them tick, though I won't say I know everything about them, because I'm not a know-it-all, however I am somewhat skilled in computer languages including LUA, Java, C++, and Python. I know basics of Java and Python, though I'm more fluent in the LUA thanks to ROBLOX since their software use a LUA-Based engine. I also have an interest in photography and love to pose scenes from different angles and capture emotions. Although most of the stuff I take isn't posted on here just for privacy and such!

function art()
As for art, you probably won't see allot of art from me as I tend to never complete stories that I write, however you may see a few cruddy poems or pictures of my kitties and other floofy thingies~ But please feel free to leave a comment on my page! I always reply to anything in my inbox, though some may be extremely late or passed due I will always be sure to respond when I can! :meow:

function llamawhore()
I am a llama whore! I give llamas like a crazy little ass hat! ;P
Share the llama powaaa! LAAAMAAA!!!

BEFORE sending me a friend request on ROBLOX please let me know, I am very sensitive as to who I add in my friends list now! Please send a note and let me know beforehand that you're going to send a friend request to me

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